General Questions

Why ventures and patrons?

All businesses are ventures but not all ventures are businesses. Similarly, all clients are patrons but not all patrons are clients. Loyal Echo's Deeds program extends the application of loyalty programs to a broad range of ventures. The Loyal Echo platform can be used by businesses and many other forms of enterprises.

Can a Patron and a Venture be logged in at the same time?

Not on the same browser. This is a security measure to try to protect both parties although it is browser specific and not foolproof. Ventures need to ensure appropriate security measures are in place for devices that are accessible by members of the public. On the browser being used, you will notice that the “Log In” buttons are not available when someone is logged in. If someone is logged in, and another user accesses the login screen and tries to log in, all existing logged in users are automatically logged out.

Can I change my email address?

Yes, but only to a new email address, that is to an address that is not in our database at the time of change. There is no provision for consolidating accounts or transferring from one account to another at this time. The ability to switch to a new email address is available to logged in account holders (Patrons and Ventures). A “double confirmation” process is used in order to effect this change. This is explained in the account holder’s page. Further, the old address is removed from the database so if you need to switch back, that is also possible.

Who would be interested in the Deeds program?

Ventures come in all shapes and sizes; clubs, societies, schools, businesses, and so on. There are so many possible applications for the Deeds program and most likely many that we haven’t even thought of yet. We are looking forward to how people take up this challenge.

Mobile Questions

Does this site work on mobiles?

This website is designed with Bootstrap so it is very responsive. From our tests, it looks great on mobiles, tablets and larger screens.

Are there plans to develop mobile aplications?

Yes. We will keep you posted.

Patron Questions

I’ve set up my account but I do not see any cards?

You will not see any cards in your account until you collect your first points from a Venture. The process of adding points for the first time forms the connection between you and the Venture.

How do points get added?

Simply present your Patron ID to a Venture that uses Loyal Echo’s platform and they will take care of adding and redeeming points. A QR Code can also be brought up on your device. That pop-up also serves to easily identify your Patron ID.

I do not have my phone/other device with me. Can I still add/redeem points?

Yes. If you can remember your Patron ID, simply present that ID to the Venture. If you cannot remember your Patron ID, you can use your email address (the one used to join Loyal Echo). You do not have to miss out on getting points and claiming rewards.

Will I be able to distinguish the cards?

Yes. Each Venture creates it’s own card with their own images and colors.

Venture Questions

Does a Venture with branches need to register each branch separately?

This is your business decision. You can register the branches separately or you can operate under a single registration. There are pros and cons for both. While the former allows autonomy, the latter caters for Patron mobility. Each Venture is different and there are generally more things to consider when making this decision. Seek appropriate advice.

What happens when the payment period has expired?

If the account is not recharged, the ability to add points is suspended. This allows for a graceful exit if that is the intention of the Venture as it can still honor redemption claims made by Patrons. You will still have full access to your account. However, if there has been no activity for more than 6 months, we may consider removing the account.

Can an account be suspended?

Yes. There may be exceptional circumstances, such as fraud, where this may be required. In this case, the ability to add and redeem points is fully suspended.

Some of my rewards have age restrictions. How do I handle this?

Where rewards are offered to which age restrictions apply (such as for alcohol and dvds), Ventures can check a checkbox during the card creation process to identify such rewards. These rewards are then set with a colored background to distinguish them from others. This ensures that younger Patrons and administrators are aware of the restriction when redemptions are claimed. However, this is optional and irrespective of the tools provided on the Website, it is up to each Venture to make their Patrons aware of, and to enforce, such restrictions according to the laws of their jurisdiction. Younger Patrons should consult with their parents or guardians or other suitable adult authority as appropriate.

Can I transfer my clients from my existing program to a Loyal Echo program?

Yes. There are features available in the Ventures section of the site to enable you to manage this.

Is there more information?

Yes. We are working on short videos. Also, once you have set up your account and logged in, there is a lot more information available. Here is a snippet of what is available in the “Planning Tools” section: level 3 menu