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Loyal Echo Limited is a New Zealand registered company, established in March 2015 and located in Marton, New Zealand.

The company is engaged in developing affordable business tools, particularly for small to medium sized enterprises. The key focus has been on the development of a loyalty program platform that meets these requirements.

In this regard, the Loyal Echo loyalty platform recognises businesses come in all shapes and sizes and that their needs and circumstances vary accordingly. This gave rise to the three programs clearly aimed at the business community and there is considerable flexibility built into the management of these programs.

Loyal Echo also identified that loyalty is much more generic and that loyalty programs could be applied in a much broader way. This gave rise to the Deeds program which is aimed at any organisation or group that wishes to recognise the efforts of their members, particularly where it is voluntary or over and above the call of duty.

The biggest advantage of the Loyal Echo platform is that it is a very cost effective “do-it-yourself” system. Owners of the loyalty programs have complete control over their programs and the management thereof.